Swiss Fintech Award 2020 – Fintech Startups Should Apply Now

Swiss Fintech Award 2020 – Fintech Startups Should Apply Now

by October 4, 2019

The purpose of the Swiss FinTech Awards is to promote Swiss fintech innovators and to contribute to the strong Swiss fintech ecosystem. The awards specifically recognize outstanding fintech startups and fintech influencers. The winners are chosen by a renowned jury consisting of 20+ fintech experts.

All fintech start-ups with a Swiss connection can apply for the Swiss FinTech Awards starting today. This includes, for example Swiss founders (active in Switzerland and/or abroad) or organizations with a Swiss head office. All sorts of fintech verticals (Crowdfunding, Crypto, Insurtech, Data Analytics, Investing and Asset Management, Payments, RegTech, Security, WealthTech etc.) are eligible. Startups can learn more about the awards and apply now on (Deadline for application 22. November)

Participating in the Swiss FinTech Awards can have substantial benefits as a previous winner describes:

“After we’ve won the award we received 500 job applications in one month! Thanks to this, we hired a top CTO from the US as well as great marketing and product experts or big data scientists from Canada, UK and Australia.”

says Lucas Bruggeman, Partner and Board Member of Sentifi (winner 2016).