New Swiss Fintech Startup Map February Welcomes 18 Newcomers

New Swiss Fintech Startup Map February Welcomes 18 Newcomers

by February 16, 2021

Swisscom has released the updated Swiss Fintech Startup Map for February 2021, welcoming 18 new Swiss startups for the month.

The map provides regular updates on the Swiss fintech landscape in the region now displays a grand total of 341 Swiss fintech startups.

For this month, the Swiss fintech startup has been completely updated, thats why quiet a few new one have made their way onto the map. Those are HYPOTEQ AG, Liquity, Graypes GmbH AG, Cerealia, Ratyng (Onloan GmbH), Cortex AG, CYSEC SA, DIA e.V., Tatoshi AG, Exeon Analytics AG, PAN AG, BLP Digital AG, wearonize AG, 4cash – 4bridges GmbH, Everon AG, Flink AI AG,  ETFbook, Staxe AG, Schlossberg&Co Technologies AG, Aequitec AG, FinSwiss SA

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HYPOTEQ AGHYPOTEQ ist anerkannter Partner von Credit Exchange und bietet unabhängigen Vermittlern einen einfachen und unkomplizierten Zugang zur ersten Schweizer Börse für Hypothekarkredite.

Liquity AG

Liquity AGDecentralized protocol that provides interest-free liquidity against Ether.

Graypes GmbH

Graypes GmbHGraypes is a set of tools that provide solutions to the next main problems: 1. Innovators have not easy access to funds. 2. Fundraising is a time-consuming process with uncertain results. 3. Entrepreneurs start and invest in their idea, without a reliable assessment if this idea is realistic, fundable, innovative, sellable, profitable.


Cerealia SABlockchain powered agri-trading platform. Cerealia is the first professional online marketplace for international physical agri-trading, that enables traders to transact with, so far unavailable, high certainty.

Ratyng (Onloan GmbH)

Ratyng (Onloan GmbH)Ratyng provide the financial industry highly efficient & accessible SME risk assessment, without the need for complex and time-consuming processes.

Cortex AG

cortex agAnti-Money Laundering (AML) Check Solution for digital assets (Crypto & Blockchain).


CYSEC SACYSEC SA is a data security company based at the EPFL Innovation Park in Lausanne, Switzerland. CYSEC brings 360° security in one click for container-based workloads and platforms through its ARCA trusted OS software.

DIA e.V.

DIA e.V.DIA is a Swiss non-profit association that provides open-source access to crowd-verified financial data, enabling a fair and symmetric financial ecosystem.

Tatoshi AG

Tatoshi AGTatoshi Services Tatoshi Services is offering consulting and project management. We accompany mobile app projects from the idea to the go-live. The programming is done by our outsourcing partner Simple Task from Serbia.

Exeon Analytics AG

Exeon Analytics AGExeon is an Swiss cyber security company specialized in security analytics.


PAN AGPAN aim to profoundly change how society benefits from personal data. We want to create a world where the value and privacy of personal data matter, and where people and business mutually benefit from it.

BLP Digital AG

BLP Digital AGBLP makes use of Artificial Intelligence to automate repetitive and tedious tasks & free up your back office employees.

wearonize AG

WearonizeWe are the world’s leading full-service partner to make payments wearable. Our solution takes away the complexity that comes with offering payment-enabled wearables, by matching our producers with banks and manage all aspects of the supply chain for both.

4cash – 4bridges GmbH

4cash - 4bridges GmbHMicropayments using cryptocurrency

Everon AG

Was bisher einer Minderheit vorbehalten war, wird jetzt allgemein zugänglich: Everon revolutioniert Private Banking.

Flink AI AG

Flink AI AGFlink AI is building a streaming machine learning and AI infrastructure tailored to financial and time series data and develops state of the art AI models and self-learning software agents which translate information from high frequency data streams into actionable insights.

ETFbook – SquaredData GmbH

ETFbook - SquaredData GmbHThe is an information and analytic platform established with a mission to broaden effective use of ETFs’ analytics to turn insights into actionable results such as fund selection, new product development or stunning marketing content and charts.

Staxe AG

Staxe AGStaxe is the first decentralized platform for investing digital assets in live events (such as concerts, festivals, networking events). Staxe brings a real use case for DLT and digital assets, creating a gateway to experience and grow your cryptocurrency investments.

Schlossberg&Co Technologies AG

Schlossberg&Co Technologies AGSchlossberg&Co is focused on understanding how the world works and where it is going. By translating that understanding into reality, we apply the most sophisticated quantitative algorithms – the SB Model – having built a consistent and distinct track record of success.

Aequitec AG

Aequitec AGAequitec is a register serving founders and investors. For registered shares it assists clients in recording ownership unambiguously via automated processing of all relevant corporate actions.

FinSwiss SA

FinSwiss SAinSwiss brings together proven technologies, experience in developing markets, and relationships within the financial industry to create the right solutions for your business.

Swiss Fintech Startup Map Feb 2021