7 Startups Selected for Tenity’s Latest Swiss Incubation Programme

7 Startups Selected for Tenity’s Latest Swiss Incubation Programme

by March 14, 2023

Tenity, Swiss fintech accelerator formerly known as F10, has selected 7 early-stage startups from 5 countries for the 10th edition of its incubation programme running out of Zurich which kicked-off this week. The selected startups will receive an initial CHF 50,000 investment from the Tenity Incubation Fund I. Over the course of the next four months, these entrepreneurs will receive support to refine and validate their business idea and go-to-market strategies. As part of the programme, they will have access to guidance and support from Tenity’s alumni, seasoned mentors, and extensive investor network. The programme will culminate in a highly anticipated Demo Day event in June 22th, 2023. Applications are now open for the Incubation Batch XI in Switzerland and Batch VI in Singapore.

Marc Hauser

Marc Hauser

Marc Hauser, Head of Europe and Managing Partner at Tenity commented,

”We couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome the 10th Incubation Batch in Zurich. The selection process was highly competitive, and we extend our congratulations to all the teams who made it.   With such a diverse range of use cases, we are confident that this batch will bring valuable perspectives and enrich the Tenity ecosystem. Our team is eagerly anticipating the opportunity to collaborate with these talented founders and be a part of their journey.”

Maximilian Spelmeyer

Maximilian Spelmeyer

Maximilian Spelmeyer, CIO of Tenity added,

“From our broad European deal-flow, we had the chance to select outstanding founders and unique ideas. We are more than thrilled and grateful to back our founders the first time with capital from our Tenity Incubation Fund I.   We are looking forward to support the founders with insights, network and additional funding in subsequent rounds.”

Here are the 7 startups of the Switzerland Incubation Batch X:

1. DemaTrading.ai (Netherlands)

Dematrading.ai enables crypto exchanges and asset managers to offer managed index funds to their customers with a plug and play infrastructure solution, increasing safety, profitability and ease of use.

2. Drivata (France)

Drivata is a platform that uses data generated by drivers to promote eco-driving, responsible consumption, support organizations corporate social responsibility policy, and help develop sustainable cities.

3. Frienton (Germany)

Frienton provides a digital SaaS solution and new tech-stack for “all-in-one finance” for entrepreneurs and founders.

4. Fume (Switzerland)

Fume is an on-chain fund management tool to automate the administration through smart contracts, providing selective transparency (ZKP), Proof-of-Reserves, and removing intermediaries while not limiting on-chain funds to only digital assets.

5. Jrny (United Kingdom)

Jrny is addressing the growing housing crisis in the U.K., which is preventing many young adults from getting on the property ladder, with its Accelerated Ownership plan (rent-to-own with shared upside), aligning incentives between customer and capital.

6. Luumeos (United Kingdom)

Luumeos provides rapid human-in-the-loop quantamental AI insights from across an organisation’s own talent network to better forecast market performance.

7. SmartPurse (Switzerland)

SmartPurse iaims to equip its users with the power to take control of their financial future as they seek to democratise financial education and planning.