Digital Accounting Startup Numarics to Raise Seed Funding in Q4 2022

Digital Accounting Startup Numarics to Raise Seed Funding in Q4 2022

by November 1, 2022

Swiss digital accounting startup Numarics is raising a seed round in the fourth quarter of 2022 following its previous CHF 2.1 million pre-seed financing round led by Wingman Ventures in April 2022.

Numarics processes accounting and business administration automation through their business operating system operated by the company’s Swiss certified auditors and business consultants.

The platform offers end-to-end solutions including bookkeeping, smart document archiving, invoices generation and a mail concierge with a dashboard displaying monthly reports.

Numarics also offers free incorporation services which include company registration, notary appointment for certification, and preparation of the necessary incorporation documents by a trustee.

The company entered a partnership with UBS in October 2022 that sees UBS referring Numarics’ digital scanning and archiving tool DocuBox to UBS clients and prospects.

Dominique Rey

Dominique Rey

“Bookkeeping today is still a paper-based activity which we seemingly integrate into the lifestyle of today’s entrepreneurs, in a paperless future.


To build trust behind the technology advantages, however, local presence, customer proximity and our good relations with the authorities are the keystones,”

said Dominique Rey, Co-Founder and CEO at Numarics.

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