F10 Join Forces With the Italian Angels for Growth to Strengthen Its Investor Network

F10 Join Forces With the Italian Angels for Growth to Strengthen Its Investor Network

by November 11, 2021

Fintech incubator and accelerator F10 and the Italian Angels for Growth (IAG) have signed letter of intent to work together to strengthen the global fintech and insurtech startup ecosystem.

Through the partnership, F10 further expands its international investor network and brings its startups unique exposure to the angel investor network in Italy.

Meanwhile, IAG’s members will gain access to promising early-stage fintech and insurtech startups from the F10 ecosystem.


IAG business angels have recently led the investment in Sonect, a Zurich-based fintech startup and F10 alumnus in 2016.

Carlo Tassi, IAG Chairman.

Carlo Tassi

“This new cross-border partnership with F10 demonstrates the strengthening of the association’s relationships with various partners to collaborate on the best investment opportunities in the fintech sector.


Over the last two years, IAG members have created a IAG Fintech community, formed by more than 50 managers and entrepreneurs from major Italian and international banking and insurance institutions and supported by a specialist team.”

said Carlo Tassi, Chairman of IAG.

Andreas Iten, CEO and Co-Founder of F10.

Andreas Iten

“This new partnership strengthens the international Fintech & Insurtech ecosystem by improving access to investment opportunities for both investors and promising startups from our network.


Early-stage startups specifically benefit greatly from increased exposure to investor networks, such as IAG. The recent round led by IAG for F10 alumni Sonect was just the beginning. We are looking forward to many more success stories.”

added Andreas Iten, CEO and Co-Founder of F10.


Featured image: Edited from Unsplash

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