7 Interesting Wealthtech Solutions from Switzerland

7 Interesting Wealthtech Solutions from Switzerland

by April 12, 2017

Tighter regulation, fast-paced customer demands, market shifts and disruptive technologies are amongst the many forces that have been changing the wealth management industry, creating a new playing field for professionals.

Notably, the emergence of digital technologies for delivering services is forcing wealth managers to invest in digital capabilities and modernize their core banking platforms or run the risk of falling behind.

In particular, technologies such as mobile, social, analytics and the cloud are changing the landscape, providing wealth manager with an unique opportunity to reinvent their traditional ways of doing business by better understanding and serving customers, improving business processes through automation and self-service as well as creating an information advantage.

Switzerland is the home of the wealthiest people of any major economy around the world, and these people are getting richer, according to the Global Wealth Report from the Credit Suisse Research Institute.

Since the turn of the century, Switzerland has led international tables in terms of average wealth. In 2016, the average Swiss adult enjoyed a wealth of more than US$560,000, more than US$200,000 above the next major economy, the US. Since 2000, average wealth per adult in Switzerland has increased by 142%, compared to 67% globally.

In this regard, Switzerland represents a key market for wealth managers and wealthtech startups.

Today, we take a look at the some of the most notable wealthtech providers from Switzerland.



AxleAxle is the flagship product of B&B Analytics. Axle is a complete wealth platform for family offices, asset managers and investment experts providing an open architecture to expand the product services based on client demand. It addresses the full value chain of client needs and provides flexibility and scalability, and comes with solutions in risk management, research and modelling, wealth consolidation and controlling as well as CRM and compliance.

Furthermore, clients can incorporate non-bankable investments at all stages of the investment process and deliver insight within a risk-driven framework.

Axle blends proprietary research and analytics capabilities of B&B Analytics with third-party risk analysis and investment controlling capabilities. B&B Analytics is a strategic advisor that uses cutting-edge technology to better serve clients.



WealthArc copyWealthArc is a fintech startup based in Zurich with offices in Warsaw and Washington serving institutional investors. The company has developed DATANEXT, an engine consisting of innovative algorithms which solves many critical business problems. The engine applies the latest technologies in big data, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.

WealthArc aggregates all information and combine it with advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to transform the data into actionable insights. Its financial algorithms provide clients with analysis on performance and benchmark, allocations and contributions, financial risk management and investment guideline checks.



NectarNectar Financial, formerly Etops, is a Swiss fintech company specializing in wealth and asset management. It provides middle and back office services for more than 30 family offices, independent asset managers and banks and supports them in managing assets in excess of CHF 35 billion.

Nectar’s wealth management platform promises clients to allow them to replace fragmented and complex IT systems with an integrated solution that simplifies customer and portfolio management and enables users to automate and efficiently meet all regulatory requirements domestic and cross border.

Based in Altendorf, Nectar has branches in New York and Bratislava.



additivAdditiv develops and implements tailor-made and turnkey digital solutions for financial services providers. The Additiv Digital Financial Suite (DFS) allows clients to create their digital offers and automate customer-related processes in the areas of front and mid-office.

Other solutions provided by Additiv include Advisor, an extension to Microsoft Office that enables consultants to record and send individual buy and sell recommendations, consulting and invitations to events quickly and easily; various kinds of Robo Advisors; and digital mortgages. Additive is behind various Swiss Robo-Advisors,


InvestGlassBased in Geneva, InvestGlass is a white-labeled, client and prospect management platform for bankers, wealth managers and advisors. The platform is designed to facilitate prospecting and onboarding of new clients, as well as the management relationships with existing clients. Components include a content management system, CRM, and client portal.

InvestGlass’ tools are backed with artificial intelligence to improve return on asset and compliance enforcement. InvestGlass is not an investment advisor, broker or dealer.



meetinvestFounded in 2014, Meetinvest is a Zug-based startup that provides digital investment solutions for individuals and financial institutions.

For individuals, the company offers an easy-to-use and convenient stock screening tool that monitors 69,000 stocks on a daily basis in 128 countries. The solution aims to allow clients to make better investment decisions.

For financial institutions, Meetinvest provides sophisticated, and highly scalable digital B2B2C investment solutions. It claims to have built the world’s first single-stock, expert-based, algorithm-driven Robo Advisor, consisting of an expert team builder, portfolio builder and a portfolio management tool to make better and more systematic investment decisions.

The product was designed as a white label “plug and play” solution and aims to help clients invest like “the world’s best investment legends.”



MydesqBased in Zurich, Mydesq delivers solutions for wealth managers. The company provides a comprehensive workbench which allows wealth managers to do all their daily activities in a single application.

The app allows wealth managers to truly work from anywhere, anytime and aims to simplify their daily work. It helps wealth managers handle the basic tasks of handling wealth with great ease and speed. The technology allows them to show their clients walk-forward, risk analysis models of how the portfolio will be affected by various stressors and potential market conditions.



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