Etops Has Acquired 100% of Evolute

Etops Has Acquired 100% of Evolute

by December 10, 2020

Etops AG, a banking service and software provider, has announced that it has acquired 100% stake in Evolute AG, which offers solutions for wealth management services.

After integration, the merged company where the general management of which will be taken on by Etops CEO Pius Stucki, will enter the market under the single name of Etops.

Pius Stucki, CEO of Etops AG

Pius Stucki

“New regulatory requirements such as MiFID II and FIDLEG demand integrated solutions and services in wealth management and are speeding up digitisation in this area exponentially. An open ecosystem that links together all partners involved in the value chain promises improved efficiency, creates lasting competitive advantages and thereby increases the sales potential of all those involved. The takeover of Evolute takes us a big step closer to this and reinforces our strategic direction”.

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explained Pius Stucki, CEO of Etops AG.

As an established service and technology company, Etops brings its proven expertise in the areas of data aggregation and integration, operations outsourcing, as well as reporting and data visualisation.

Evolute is a provider of cloud-based CRM and portfolio management software, particularly in the areas of Know Your Customer, prevention of money laundering, order management and regulatory compliance.

Its recently launched virtual marketplace for financial products and services as well as offerings from other partners from the wealth management ecosystem give this innovative offering additional impetus. This benefits clients and partners.

Following the takeover of Evolute, Etops will have a total of more than 85 employees at locations in Switzerland, Slovakia and Ukraine. Evolute CEO Myriam Reinle will be responsible for the integration of business activities at Etops and take over marketing, sales and business development.

Myriam Reinle, CEO of Evolute said,

Myriam Reinle, CEO of Evolute

Myriam Reinle

“By combining the performance capability and core competencies of both our companies, our resources will be able to display their full competitiveness. Our shared goal of an open ecosystem with an integrated intelligent marketplace and one-stop solutions makes us ideal partners.”

Etops will then serve more than 80 clients with total assets under management of over CHF 50 billion – including Bellevue Asset Management, Entrepreneur Partners, Finaport, Globalance Bank, VT Wealth and marketplace partners such as Allianz, BDO, Leonteq, Société Générale and Bitcoin Suisse.


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