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Argentina Paves the Way for Open Banking

In Argentina, the central bank is paving the way for open banking, introducing new regulation and initiatives to encourage digital payments and enable interoperability. New measures for regulating virtual wallets were adopted in May 2022 by the board of Banco

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Argentina’s Fintech Landscape Shows Strong Growth Despite Headwinds

Argentina’s booming fintech industry boasts over 300 companies that employ nearly 15,000 people. This year, the sector is expected to create more than 5,600 positions, reflecting on the industry’s massive growth and traction, according to data from Cámara Argentina de

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4 Promising P2P-Lending Countries

According to the study of the growing market of the alternative finance, conducted by the European P2P platform Robo.cash, Switzerland, Latvia, Russia and Argentina are expected to join the global alternative lending market in the coming 2-3 years. According to

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