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Swiss Central Banker: Stablecoins Hold Promise for Widespread Deployment

Though cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency-based tokens “are more like speculative investment instruments” and are unlikely to reach mainstream adoption, stablecoins, which are pegged to stable, official currencies, “hold greater promise for widespread deployment as a payment instrument and store of value,”

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Securosys Aims to Raise 16 CHF Mio Through ICO for Global Push

In its early days, data and communications securities company Securosys was able to score a huge client in the Swiss National Bank, and also close a successful seed funding round in 2015 to finance their data and communications security services. More

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Crypto in Switzerland: Early Signs of Exodus?

Does it look like the first sign of exodus for crypto companies in the Confederation? It may not be the exact case although Switzerland may not keep its competitive advantage it used to have for the past few years. Crypto

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