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PriceHubble revolutioniert die Immobilienbewertung

Das Schweizer Proptech Start-up PriceHubble präsentiert ein vollkommen neuartiges Bewertungs- und Visualisierungstool für Immobilien. Anders als herkömmliche hedonische Modelle nutzt PriceHubble für die Bewertung state-of-the-art Machine Learning Ansätze, basierend auf grossen Datenmengen. Egal ob Investor, Kreditgeber, Asset Manager oder privater

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6 New Swiss Fintech Startups to Watch

The rapid development of fintech around the world is leading to significant shifts in the global financial industry and forcing banks and financial institutions to rethink their growth strategies. Compared to leading fintech hubs such as London and Silicon Valley,

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What Is Proptech and the Players You Should Follow in Switzerland

Proptech, short for property technology, is a new buzzword referring to the wave of companies that are using technology to refine, improve and reinvent the various services in the property industry including those that involve the act of buying, renting,

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