Iuvo – The P2P Investment Platform Celebrates 2nd Birthday With €29 M Turnover

Iuvo – The P2P Investment Platform Celebrates 2nd Birthday With €29 M Turnover

by October 17, 2018

The Estonian platform iuvo is one of the fastest developing P2P platforms in Europe.

Мore and more people choose to entrust their savings to peer-2-peer platforms, rather than deposit them in banks. In 2 years iuvo has attracted over 7000 investors from 113 countries. Just for 2018 the number of investors grew by 126%.

More stats

Statistics show that the highest interest comes from Germany, UK, Spain, Scandinavian and Baltic countries, where P2P is known as one of the safest alternative investment instruments.For the last year investors from Germany have grown 45 times, from UK – 4 times and from CEE – 2 times.

The average yearly yield is 8.9% for 2017 and can go up to 15% for those with the best strategies. The average deposit on the platform is €5 000 and 10% of the investors have deposits over €10 000. The total investments on the platform until October 2018 are over €29 million with a growth of 468% compared to last year.

The growth scopes

Since its launch in 2016 the company has shown sustainable growth, aiming to ensure the comfort of both loan originators and investors. In 2018 iuvo listed two new lending companies on its market (bringing the count to five) and expanded the list of types of offerings with personal, business, car and mortgage loans. Most popular among the investors are the mortgage loans that are secured with property of the borrower.

iuvo buy-back

Iuvo Buy-back

An important note is that all the listed credits in iuvo have Buy-back guarantee, meaning that in case of default the loan originator pays back the invested amount to the investors. This significantly reduces the risk for the users. Another of the marketplace’s benefits is that 95% of the listed credits come from EU regulated companies.

The iuvo platform is popular among both experienced investors and those who are making their first steps in the world of investments.  The company expects even more from the upcoming year and plans to offer better customer experience on the platform with new functionalities and investment opportunities.

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Featured image credit via iuvo-group.com