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25 Years With HSBC, Now Libra’s New Managing Director

Geneva based Libra Association, an independent group organised by Facebook to manage its Libra stablecoin project, announced the appointment of former HSBC head James Emmett, as the Managing Director of Libra Networks. James Emmett said of his appointment that will

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Facebook’s Libra Appoints ex Secretary for Terrorism & Financial Intelligence as its First CEO

The Libra Association, an independent membership organization, announced the appointment of Stuart Levey as its first CEO. Mr. Levey brings to the Association a wealth of leadership experience in the public and private sectors cutting across banking, regulatory policy and

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Libra Association Releases Updated Stablecoin Proposal / Seeking for Finma License

The Libra Association, an independent group organized by Facebook to manage the Libra stablecoin project, has released a new version of its whitepaper with several changes aimed at addressing regulatory concerns. The updated whitepaper, released on April 16, outlines several

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