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Swiss FIs Expect New Pressures as Well as Opportunities for Instant Payments

Scan the headlines in these early days of 2023, and you would be forgiven for thinking we’re embarking on the year of digital currency. Not so fast, however. CBDCs and digital currencies certainly merit a close and sustained look from

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Switzerland Sets the Stage for Instant Payments

Stability. Secrecy. Safety. The Swiss financial system has been the very definition of these attributes for almost 200 years. But like the world’s financial systems, institutions and networks, one very active new factor is knocking at the border: change. And

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Banks Prepare For Big Changes In Switzerland’s Financial Landscape

When it comes to the financial landscape in Switzerland, there’s perception, and there’s reality. The perception may be that it is an isolated, neutral country that opted for independence from the European Union. The reality is it has also made

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