Swiss Health Insurtech Startup Raised in Total 70 million Swiss Francs

Swiss Health Insurtech Startup Raised in Total 70 million Swiss Francs

by December 13, 2019

The Swiss health technology and insurtech company dacadoo completed its C-round capital increase to secure funding for its global growth strategy. Over the past few years, the company has now raised total funding of 70 million Swiss Francs.

dacadoo develops technology solutions for digital health engagement and health risk quantification, and the company partners with insurers as well as corporate health service providers to bring its technologies to market globally.

Its comprehensive digital Health Engagement Platform motivates users to achieve and maintain healthy lifestyle habits. The digital user journey is optimized to engage clients of Health Insurers, Life Insurers and vendors of Corporate Health programs, and it is delivered through mobile apps (iPhone & Android) and a web app built in responsive design.

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It combines motivational techniques derived from behavioral science, with functions from online gaming and social networks that involve users in their holistic health – Body, Mind and Lifestyle. By combining the patented dacadoo Health Score with its personalized, automated AI-based coach, dacadoo customers can achieve high levels of long-term user engagement and produce positive health outcomes. The dacadoo white-label option provides customers with full branding and content customization.

In addition to dacadoo’s comprehensive digital health platform and apps, dacadoo also provides technology access to business partners via dacadoo’s RESTful API  to allow health and life insurance customers, vendors of corporate health programs or other healthtech companies to create user journeys and client-facing applications tailored specifically for their needs, and based on dacadoo’s technology.

The company announced today that it successfully completed its C-round capital increase and that it has raised a total of 70 million Swiss Francs across its various capital raising rounds over the last few years.

Peter Ohnemus

Peter Ohnemus

Peter Ohnemus, founder and CEO of dacadoo, commented:

“dacadoo has gone through a high-growth phase in 2019 and is expected to continue on a strong growth path. We therefore arranged additional funding via a C-round capital increase and we’re very happy to report that we successfully concluded this round.”



Featured image credit: screengrab from dacadoo website