Rivero and Viseca Launch the First End-to-End Digital Chargeback Solution amiko

Rivero and Viseca Launch the First End-to-End Digital Chargeback Solution amiko

by March 15, 2021

Rivero, a Swiss fintech company providing payments processing solution, has launched “amiko”, the first end-to-end digital chargeback solution.

The solution was launched in partnership with Viseca Payment Services, an issuer and processor of Mastercard and Visa branded debit and credit cards in Switzerland and provider of innovative financial management solutions under the brand Contovista.

amiko is said to be the first end-to-end digital chargeback solution that helps payment card issuers improve their efficiency in chargeback handling and to offer self-servicing services to their customers.


Chargeback is one of the core payment processes established by payment networks like Mastercard, Visa, and Amex to protect cardholders in cases of fraud or when there is a problem with the merchant fulfillment of the cardholder’s purchase.

The increasing volume of chargebacks, driven by the launch of e-Commerce capable modern debit cards and the overall increase in e-commerce transactions, makes it crucial for issuers to improve customer experience and process efficiency for chargeback handling.

The integration project started in mid October 2020 and amiko is live in production from February 2020, processing chargebacks for Viseca’s debit and credit cards.

Patrick Dessouslavy

Patrick Dessouslavy

“Continuous improvement in our back-office processes and customer’s services is essential for us.


We were looking for a solution that helps us to improve the efficiency in our chargeback process and offering cardholder self-servicing, without dependency on our payment processor and huge IT costs”

said Patrick Dessouslavy, Head Operations Risk Management of Viseca.



Featured image credit: edited from Unsplash

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