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Mobile Payments on the Rise in France

Non-cash payments are increasing in France, driven by the rise in e-money usage and the decline in the use of national payment instruments such as cheques and trade bills, according to the Banque de France. In 2016, the total value

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Apple Pay: Wirecard Announces Expansion of Boon in Switzerland

Wirecard, a leading payment service company, launched its mobile payment solution for customers in Switzerland as part of its planned global expansion. Boon an iOS-based mPayment application, was previously limited to the United Kingdom and France. After establishing a strong market

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MUUME Brings Brick-And-Mortar Commerce to The Digital, Mobile Era

MUUME, a company that provides a platform for “digital self-service” for daily purchases, is helping brick-and-mortar businesses address new mobile-driven consumer behaviors. One idea behind MUUME is to bridge the gap between online and phsysical POS,  changing the consumers behavior

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