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5 Fintech Trends in Latin America

Latin America (LatAm)’s fintech revolution continues its course this year. Investors’ confidence remains high as they continue pouring billions into the space, betting on the prospect of fintech to help improve financial inclusion and bring innovation in the outdated banking

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Latin America Sees Booming Digital Banking Sector with Brazil at the Lead

Over the last few years, digital banking in Latin America (Latam) has experienced extraordinary growth on the back of changing customer needs, expanding technological penetration and rapidly evolving regulatory standards. Since 2017, the number of digital banks has more than

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An Overview of South America’s Booming Neobanking Sector

South America has seen an exceptionally dynamic evolution of its neobanking landscape, with now more than 30 live neobanks and digital banks that serve over 50 million customers out of the region’s 430 million+ population (+11%), data from Dutch fintech

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